Ara Gasparyan
Orientation-dependent chord length distributions and maximal chords
7th Annual Session dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Professor Haik Badalyan
Yerevan 2015
Characterization of convex bodies which cross-sections distribution depends only on the maximum cross section
International science and applied conference: actual problems of mathematical modeling and computer science
Sochi 2015
Random segment and covariogram
Armenian Mathematical Union Annual Session
Yerevan 2014
Covariogram of a triangle and chord length distribution
Alexandrian AMU Annual Session
Yerevan 2013
Covariogram of a parallelogram
Second international conference Mathematics in Armenia: Advances and Perspectives
Tsaghkadzor 2013
The covariogram of a triangle and orientation-dependent chord length distribution
Shirakatsi AMU Annual meeting
Yerevan 2012